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What We Are All About

Notice! The entity now known as "The Bike Oven" is a California for-profit corporation (currently under suspension) which formed after a management change in January of 2013. The hours of operation, services, facilities, and personnel depicted on this website are no longer offered. This website remains unchanged since 2007 for historical reference, information, and entertainment purposes only. 

Join the fun! ELBO or East Los Angeles Bike Oven is a community bicycle workspace located at 3706 North Figueroa St. in Highland Park, California. At the Oven, anyone can walk or ride in and repair their bicycle without an appointment. We have four work stands, two wheel truing stands, and the various hand tools for doing most bike adjustments and repairs. Our volunteer mechanics will assist you and explain the intricacies of the art of bicycle maintenance. You will leave feeling empowered and confident. See you at the Oven!

Here is photo giving a quick look at all the fun at Bike Oven.   Since this photo was shot, the space has been improved with more tools and equipment, better organization, etc. Come and check it out! Complete photo set by Marino showing Bike Oven and Northeast L.A. bicycle action is

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Hours of Operation:

Monday through Thursday 7-10 p.m.


Saturday and Sunday  1-4 p.m. 

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